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Phillip Zach, wave (peak-to-peak), 2014, Casey Kaplan

Phillip Zach

wave (peak-to-peak), 2014

Wool felt, wood, madder root, osage orange, indigo, cochineal, Mimosa hostilis root bark powder, chinese ink, acid dye, soda ash, thiox, alum, copper, Glauber's salt, bran, calcium carbonate, urea
8.5 x 150 x 30"/ 21.59 x 381 x 76.2cm

Casey Kaplan
I am attracted none the less, their variousness, their ingenuity, their élan vital, and that something, essence quiddity, I cannot penetrate or name
Jun 26 - Jul 31, 2015

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Phillip Zach

wave (peak-to-peak)

, 2014