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Michael Stevenson, The Fountain of Prosperity , 2006, Regen Projects

Michael Stevenson

The Fountain of Prosperity , 2006

Plexiglas, steel, brass, aluminum, rubber, cork, string, concrete, dyed water, pumps and fluorescent lamps; Framed magazine
Dimensions: 98 x 62 x 40 inches (248.9 x 157.5 x 101.6 cm)

Regen Projects
Primordial Saber Tararear Proverbiales Sílabas Tonificantes Para Sublevar Tecnocracias Pero Seguir Tenazmente Produciendo Sociedades Tántricas – Pedro Salazar Torres (Partido Socialista Trabajador)
curated by Abraham Cruzvillegas and Gabriel Kuri, on the occasion of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA
Sep 09 - Oct 28, 2017

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Michael Stevenson

The Fountain of Prosperity

, 2006